Social Security Statements Are Available Online (and Only Online)

Social Security stopped mailing out annual Statements starting in 2011.  You can no  longer request a copy by mail or by telephone and they even disabled the on-line request for a copy to be mailed.   Although it is a legally mandated function of this department, they used an “emergency” ruling that allows them to stop fulfilling this obligation if it could potentially bankrupt the organization.

You can obtain this information online and get immediate access to your Statement, including earning history, estimated benefits amounts and eligibility information and it is easy.   To sign up, go to the Social Security web site;  and on the left hand menu go to Get Your Social Security Statement.   In order to register you will be required to enter your personal information, full name, Social Security number, and date of birth, mailing address and phone number and a working email address.  Social Security uses Experian to verify your personal data so be prepared to answer some questions to verify your identity.

This is the same type of account that people use who are already receiving benefits and you will need this to account you’ve set up to later set up your own Medicare, Retirement or Disability benefits.   Make sure you keep the login information in a safe and secure location.

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